16 Years Later Gang Starr Release New Album “One Of The Best Yet”

16 Years Later Gang Starr Release New Album “One Of The Best Yet” image

16 Years Later Gang Starr Release New Album “One Of The Best Yet”

It was an exciting day – the 20th of September 2019 – for all Gang Starr fans. They were waiting for so long for a new album that maybe some of them gave up eventually. But a track called “Family and Loyalty” marked the unexpected appearance of the new album. As expected, the album arrived on November 1st and we are already bumping it since it was so long since the last work from Gang Starr.

There were many signs lately that Primo is back in business. An Instagram message ignited the rumors which were then followed by the release of another track. It is called Bad Name and includes vocals from the other member of Gang Starr, the late Guru.

That is where we can say a few more words about this famous duo which will probably explain why this is the first album after sixteen years of silence. The Gang Starr was found back in 1986 in Massachusetts, though later they spent more time in Brooklyn. The two members were DJ Premier and Guru as mentioned before. Their career went straight to the top and they were pronounced as the best MC-producer duo of hip-hop ever as well as the founders of the so-called jazz rap.

Some of their best hits are Above The Clouds and Take It Personal. It was all going just fine until 2010 when Guru suddenly got a heart attack in February. In April after spending two months in a coma, cancer got him down.

Unfortunately, during those days Guru was not that close to DJ Premier and they even got apart prior to his death. Many speculations were made with the letter that got out than saying that Guru wanted to have nothing in common with his former duo partner, but even Guru’s family doubted that he will write something like that and it was fake.

The new work of DJ Premier shows nothing but respect to Guru and he said that there is nothing that he wants to do more than music. Check out the new album as it is out now on Apple Music and other platforms.

The LP got features of J. Cole, Royce da 5’9″ and more.

Release Day: November 1, 2019


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