21 Savage Arrested For Being Illegal In The U.S. For Past 13 Years


21 Savage arrested for being illegal in the U.S. for past 13 years

No matter how popular you are, you can’t break the immigration law and 21 found out this the hard way.

February, third, sunday morning, Immigration and Custom Enforcements arrested 21 Savage under the proposition that the 26-year old rapper is overstayed his permission to be in the U.S. which was given to him July, 2005 and it’s expired 13 years ago.

The news are so shocking, taking a look back in 2006 interview of the artist, when Savage was telling a stories how he got in Atlanta school with a gun by the age of 12. Presenting Atlanta, Georgia for his home town all these years.

ICE’s spokesperson claims that the whole public image of the, ”I Am>I was” rapper is fake and he is UK national.

The final decision about 21’s fate from now on regarding his departure will be taken by the federal court soon.

The rappers lawyer said in a statement that they are working to clear this misunderstanding and highlighted the charity that 21 did, and that he is a role model to the young people.

Stay updated, more news about it soon.



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