50 Cent Denies Throwing Chair & Table In A Fight After Surfaced Video

50 Cent Denies Throwing Chair & Table In A Fight After Surfaced Video

TMZ uploaded a video of two men fighting outside a restaurant and according to the report, one of them is 50 Cent but shortly after that, the POWER producer denied participating in the fight. According to the outlet that was the G-Unit boss, who apparently couldn’t hold it back and throw a chair and table towards his opponent.

It is unclear what caused the fight, but the video made by pedestrians shows 50 (or let’s say the man who looks like him) trying to hit the other participant in the fight with closest objects near him.

After the altercation, both men disappear in different directions without following actions. 50 Cent is said to leave the Edgewater Commons Mall area in New Jersey with his white Rolls Royce.

In his recent comments on the Gram in a post about the arrested killers of Pop Smoke, 50 Cent expressed his disappointment from the Police for the slow temps of identifying the killers of the late rapper.

After asked from a fan in the comment section what’s the reason to throw a chair and table towards the unknown man in the restaurant last night, 50 Cent denied taking part in the above-mentioned fight.

i would never do a thing like that. This is what Trump is talking about fake News.” – 50 wrote on IG.



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