50 Cent Gets $33.000 On The Sex Tape Lawsuit


50 Cent Gets $33.000 On The Sex Tape Lawsuit

It all started in May, 2018 when Teairra Mari found that her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad (50’s friend) is cheating on her and broke up with him. Soon after the broke up Akbar posted in social media uncensored image and a sex tape of her with explicit content to her Instagram.

So where is Fifty in the whole story? As a good friend the “21 Questions” rapper reposted the pic right away with some joking mood. The social media deleted it, but that didn’t stopped him to post it again. We all know 50 Cent doesn’t quit that easy.

Back in May, Mari gave few words about what happened and with a famous lawyer along her side she emotionally claimed her dissapointment of the person she trusted and Teairra Mari was even more terrified about 50 sharing her picture of private moments with his followers wich are like 18 million.

Again in social media platforms was cleared that Mari’s lawyer going to chase 50 Cent on that one.

As we know 50 and his great sense of humor and sarcasm he kept on posting few more posts regarding the upcoming trial. In a pic 50 got himself together with Gloria Allred, a lawyer and a mother of Mari’s lawyer – Lisa Bloom.

That is So 50 Cent Style.

And now here comes the trial outcome.

Since when all started 50 and his lawyer dinied all accusations under justification that back then the pics were accessible all over the internet and demanded thrown out on Teairra’s suit. According to one of the News giants the L.A. judge rejected all accusations regarding 50 Cent and ordered the R&B star Teairra Mari to pay Fifty’s legal bills.

50  originally asked to refund $161.550 but the judge ordered only $30.000 in total.

We consider this as a victory of 50 Cent and looks like he thinks the same. Soon after the outcome of the lawsuit became clear, 50 announced the win in tweet.



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