50 Cent Hints One More “Power” Season


50 Cent Hints One More “Power” Season

Rapper unexpectedly changed his decision for ending of the crime drama in which he participates already five seasons. “Fofty” wrote in an IG post on June 25 that Power series won`t come to an end after all. He said that the “sh*t is too good” and it should not be ended like this.




What is “Power”?

This is a crime drama which debuted in 2014 on Starz network with the participation of the “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” rapper. He is part of all 48 episodes of its five seasons.

What was meant?

About a month ago during season five, all fans of this TV series found out that it will come to an end after next season. They saw that in a post on Instagram made by 50 due to this fact they were disappointed because one of their favorite shows would be gone.

In social media 50 told us that “Power” will end after season six and won`t be returning. The show`s co-creator which is Courtney Kent also confirm, with a post from his account in Instagram that it will be gone, at the beginning of this month.

In his tweet, he thanks the staff and the stars and said goodbye to the penthouse for last time. He also wrote that he remembered the first time they record there and know he will keep in his mind the final.




What is possible to be done?

According to 50, it`s possible that the series won`t come to a final which is exactly opposite to what everyone thought. The unexpected change of the course had a very fast positive reaction from the side of all fans.

Some of his followers think that he plays with the emotions of the watchers but is that true? We can only guess. Let`s enjoy to season six which premiere is on August 25 with or without next season.


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