50 Cent On Young Buck: “I Gave This Fool The Money” Beef Timeline


50 Cent On Young Buck: “I Gave This Fool The Money” Beef Timeline

If You owe some cash to 50, better give it back by Monday.

In a recent IG post, the “In The Club” rapper reminded of the beef he got with his long-time collaborator from G-Unit, Young Buck.

With a short video, 50 showed last year’s interview of Buck where he opens up about the time he signed G-Unit and points out that back then he had no knowledge for the financial part.

During the video 50 says that he gave Buck millions back in the days and now, of course, wants his money by Monday.



50 Cent reacted after understanding Buck was involved in a gay affair with a transsexual lover for three years

For a long time, the two rappers took separate ways, however, they often reach verbal skirmishes. Earlier 50 Cent took off Buck’s video from youtube. The two rappers are G-Unit partners from the past and have resumed working together over recent months.

Their enmity is renewed when Buck publicly shared his desire to cancel the contract with 50 Cent’s label G-Unit R.

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Young Buck said he could not record new songs at the moment, which in turn continued to extend his contract with the company. 50 Cent disagrees with his views and in turn, decides to offend him by compressing publicly his affair with a transsexual woman.

Although there is really nothing to be worried about, if the rumors are real, Buck still spends time trying to dispel the rumors. After watching a video shot by Buck’s supposed lover, Fifty Cent exploded into laughter when he realized they were working again in for more than three years.


Scandalous video with evidence is spread to web

The New York legend has published a since-deleted video that tells of the rapper’s alleged transsexual lover.

Two women in the video explain the relationship with the rapper. They say they have a serious relationship and as evidence, they point out that Yong visits them every week. One of the women say she had a boyfriend during the time she met with Young, so the rapper was her reserve for sex. 50 Cent exploded with several comments in which he openly offended Yong Buck and mocked him showing his disgust that he had worked with him.

Yong is trying to distract rumors in any way by saying that the internet is likely to get you what they want, though it seems that he does not care about the situation.



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