A$AP Rocky Going Back To Sweden Months After His Arrest


A$AP Rocky Going Back To Sweden Months After His Arrest

It seems like A$AP Rocky has overcome what happened in Sweden and he did not consider this territory as hostile. The “Praise The Lord” rap star is planning to take part in a huge event in the county, just a few months after his arrest in Stockholm.

The case of the rapper and director became public last June when he was accused of assaulting a young man while being in Stockholm for a performance. He and his entourage were arrested on June 30 for beating a nineteen-year-old man on the street. Later when the footage was out from the same night it became clear that A$AP Rocky and the other two men were provoked and they acted accordingly. Knowing him for not being an aggressive person, many of his fans stood up for him, both from the USA and in Sweden. The case became public and draw many famous people in the discussion, including President Trump.

We can not say if the truth was found or the pressure did its part, but Rocky was released from jail in August and went out with only paying money, without additional jail time. And this was great because we all know how more complicated things could become.

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The planned event in December will be a good chance for A$AP Rocky to show what a noble person he is. The gig will support a good cause and the incomes will go to the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups. The musical event is organized by LiveNation. Asked for a comment on A$AP Rocky’s presence, they have not made any comment so far.

Those who want to see their favorite rap star Lord Flacko can do that on the 11th of December in Ericsson. Provoked or not, self-defense or not, the case in Sweden is closed. All the fans in Stockholm and in the USA are looking forward to hearing something positive and good from the rap star, who has massive support. Though he became famous in Sweden for not such a good reason, there is no such thing as a bad commercial.



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