Ace Hood “Undefeated” And “Chosen” In New Video


Check out the new masterpiece of Ace Hood – Undefeated x Chosen.

Yesterday the young rapper provided the new visualization of his new production, this time doubling the bet.

In this combination of overflowing as if you two different songs with two different videos,

Ace makes a stylish step out of the box but incorporating the same idea for the same purpose. In the first part of the project “Undefeated” shot in a dirty and narrow one-way street, in which Hood danced dynamically his rhymes and pointing to the difficult and incommodious way to the top and success for him.

Embodied in the video as a one-way street, as if there is no other choice and direction, and it is only one up and up in a constant struggle.

This action merges smoothly with the second half of the message, playing in a boxing ring where the Florida rapper receives tips and instructions in a sparring match, showing a hidden message that points to the viewer about the constant struggle and training of the mind and body together, causing him to feel that have no other way for him but ready to fight to the last breath.

What kind of joint work these artists have presented to us, with what an exquisite idea of a whole fit like two pieces in a part. Undefeated Produced by Kid Wond3r x Trabeats Chosen Produced by Izze the Producer Directed by GVisuals

Premiere: May 19, 2019



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