Atlanta News Team Honors Bushwick Bill, Inserts His Lyrics On-Air


Atlanta News Team Honors Bushwick Bill, Inserts His Lyrics On-Air

Hip-hop Lost. Bushwick Bill’s Story From Jamaica To The Big Stage

Тhe Houston rap group was left without one of its members after Bushwick Bill died just young at age 52. Тhe terrible news that Bill was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage four, was announced in February this year.

Richard Shaw is the true name of the rapper. He died on 9th of June (Sunday) in the presence of his relatives.

Тhe news was unexpected for everyone after his daughter called friends and fans for support and prayers early in the morning. Although his detractors already say rapper dead before it has happened, trying to get the benefit of it.

Bill’s agent also confirmed earlier in the morning that he is still fighting for his life, and some of his relatives are in the hospital and others are traveling.

From Jamaica to the big stage and platinum album

Geto Boys

Shaw is born in Jamaica but moved to Brooklyn when he was a little child. Before finding the way to the scene like a rapper, in the 80’s Bill first was part of Rap A Lot records like a breakdancer. After Bushwick moved to Houston where start his big career in Geto Boys.


They are one of the most successful bands in the 1990s, released 6 albums for the period 1988-1998 and one of them is platinum in 1991. Individually the rapper has also released six solo albums from 1992 to 2010. In 2005 Geto Boys reunited and realized the album “The Foundation”.


The Tour for Last Goodbye

In 2019 once they learn about the diagnosis of their friend and colleague, the group organizes a farewell tour, which still fails to happen because of bad health Bill enters a hospital.

Other members of the group reported sadly that despite canceling the tour, Bill had asked them to do the independent tour of 20 cities under the title “Phuck Cancer”.

The big Bun B paid tribute on Twitter, saying Bill “will always be a legend.”



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