Baby Keem Links Up With Kendrick Lamar For New Song ‘Family Ties’

Baby Keem Links Up With Kendrick Lamar For New Song ‘Family Ties’

The new song “Family Ties” and the video for it by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar are out now. When you see the title and then listen to it, a person will soon discover that Family Ties is not only a combination of words. Kendrick and Keem are related, but not some gossip stuff, as we are used to hearing every day. They are actually a family.

Keem commented in an interview regarding the co-work with his cousin that he thought that many people already knew about their family ties. Surely, the music is connecting them too. But as he said their connection goes way beyond that for sure.

“Whenever I need anything regarding, like, life, and if I need some wisdom, then that’s who I go to, you know? That’s one of the first people I look towards, him and Dave Free.”

Keem also commented on the partnership with pgLang, Kendrick, and the “Free” company they have for creators. He said that they managed to handle a lot of stuff that needed to be handled. He said this was very positive and nice for him, his work, and his growth as a creator and artist and he will be always grateful for it.

The Tidal platform shared a teaser just before the release of the video with Kendrick who promised he will be soon “smoking on your top five”.

Listen to the new “Family Ties” track by Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar and watch the video below.

Additional information:

  • Release Day: August 27, 2021
  • Producers: Hykeem Carter, Cardo Got Wings, Outtatown, Roselilah, Deats, Jasper Harris, Frankie Bash



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