Benzino Talks About His Beef With Eminem In New Interview

Benzino Talks About His Beef With Eminem In New Interview

Benzino Reflects on His Long-standing Feud with Eminem: A Deep Dive into Their Contentious Relationship

In a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, hip-hop veteran Benzino opened up about his infamous beef with Eminem that dates back to 2002. The two artists engaged in a fiery exchange of diss tracks, with Benzino even revealing his thoughts on Eminem’s retaliatory “Nail in the Coffin” track.

The Origin of the Feud

Benzino’s and Eminem’s feud ignited in 2002, when both artists unleashed scathing diss tracks aimed at each other. Notably, Eminem’s “Nail in the Coffin” became a centerpiece of their ongoing rivalry. However, the feud’s inception had deeper roots. Benzino shared an insightful backstory during his interview, shedding light on his motivations.

Benzino revealed that he was determined to prevent Eminem from achieving a coveted five-mic rating at The Source, a publication where Benzino held a significant role. The Boston native believed that Eminem’s lyrical content and demeanor were inconsistent with the principles of hip-hop that he held dear. This ideological divide culminated in a battle that resonated throughout the hip-hop community.

I got that big money first and I was the top of that. So when the Eminem thing came through The Source, at this point, it’s getting disrespectful. So how the fuck am I gonna have this n***a in my magazine? … You’re not gonna put nobody in your magazine and give this n***a five mics after this n***a’s being disrespectful,” Benzino says during the interview.

Benzino admitted that he inadvertently triggered the feud by including a line in one of his mixtape tracks. The escalation caught him off guard, and he was surprised by how Eminem came across the lyrics. This revelation highlighted the unpredictable nature of conflict in the hip-hop world.

Embracing Eminem’s Diss

Surprisingly, Benzino acknowledged his appreciation for Eminem’s diss track “Nail in the Coffin.” He commended Eminem’s lyrical prowess and admitted that the track’s beat and execution were impressive. The 58-year-old emphasized that he recognized Eminem’s success was well-earned and that his critique wasn’t a reflection of personal animosity.

Benzino clarified that despite Eminem’s attempts to discredit him, he remained unfazed due to his strong self-awareness as a street-oriented individual. The attacks on his reputation as a “street n***a” didn’t undermine his confidence. He elaborated that only an extreme diss like Nas’ “Ether” could have shaken his resolve.

Reflection and Redemption

In hindsight, Benzino expressed regret for his role in the feud. He publicly apologized for his actions in a 2012 interview with RapFix Live, acknowledging that his feud with Eminem was a misstep. He recognized Eminem’s contributions as a lyricist and respected his ability to express himself through hip-hop.

Benzino praised hip-hop for its cultural inclusivity, emphasizing that the genre transcends racial boundaries and resonates with people from diverse backgrounds. He acknowledged Eminem’s lasting influence on the genre and the unity it fosters among fans from various walks of life.

Watch the interview below.



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