BET Mocking At Nicki Minaj, She Cancels BET Experience And Awards


BET Mocking At Nicki Minaj, She Cancels BET Experience And Awards

Nicki Minaj Backs off BET Experience And Awards

Unfortunately for all the fans of Nicki, they won’t be able to see the Queen on the upcoming BET Experience and Awards ceremony, but we are sure they will support her decision. Minaj announced in a recent tweet that Young Money will no longer be a part of BET shows.

Here’s the deal, “Hard White” rapper was very clear in her statement, and the reason is an already deleted post from BET where they show Cardi B and congratulated her for the win of “Best rap album” at the 2019 Grammy Awards yesterday. That’s not big deal you say, but there was a caption at this post from BET explaining the situation like this – while Cardi wins the prize, Nicki being dragged by her lace front.

Now we can agree with Nicki’s decision, even too final, she has the right. Being media giant and taking a side between artists ain’t cool, especially when you do it on Nicki Minaj.

Twitter went on fire after this post, even though is already deleted, can be spotted all over the web and Nicki’s fans reacts sharply on such mocking. In one of Minaj’s tweets she ensures a fan that he can go refund the ticket for the show that’s already bought.

More infor about this soon, stay updated



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