Billboard Changes The Rules, No More Bundles And Ticket Sales

Billboard Changes The Rules, No More Bundles And Ticket Sales

Facts: 2020 is full of surprises and Billboard charts are the most prestigious and influential ones for decades now. To top some of the charts from the series is a sign, that you made something significant to the world of music and for the people. But to hold for a week in the first positions, this is a real success. Through the years though, the artists and producers discovered a new option. They realized that not only Billboard can use their art and work to do business and charts, but the musicians also found a way to put the speed at their careers once they entered the chart.

It is proven that the bundling used with albums that entered the chart is bringing more than good results to the sales. And, so far so good, because actually the sales are the real goal of every artist. Slowly the artists started to put some good old tricks to the singles, that are charted and included in the Billboard work. They included the so-called bundles which include merchants for tours, future concerts, and streams, as well as ticket sales.

This all lead to the new rule from Billboard in 2020 revealed in January this year, that the merchants will be excluded from the chart. The decision is considered to be following the statement of the Spotify head of the Urban Music Department, that artists have been considered very trickery these days and this should be stopped because the real sales are still topping the streams.

Expectedly, this announcement left many artists surprised, but not in a good way. This brought even more attention to the curious and unexplainable success of the latest track by Tekashi, which for most of the world hit the top for no reason. The including of the so-called bundles led to many eruptions of the sales for a short time. The record is held by DJ Khaled, who promised a supplement gift to the first one hundred thousand people, who downloaded his album “Father Of Asahd“ in 2019.

Billboard also announced that certain charts and specific parts will be pointed especially to merchandise and other business stuff. For sure the so-called tricks will not be widely allowed and used like it was in the past.

Now, let’s see who will get the #1 spot.



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