Birdman Celebrates 250 Billion Streams, Reveal New Album With Juvenile


Birdman Celebrates 250 Billion Streams, Reveal New Album With Juvenile

The Cash Money Records founder Birdman marked over 250 billion streams in the music business and he has the right to show off with such numbers.

Founded in 1991, by Birdman and his brother Slim, Cash Money became one of the biggest company names in the industry with over 30 artists signed currently. Delivered to the world hits from outstanding names like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and many more.

To celebrate the remarkable achievement, “Baby” posted an IG video of spectacular fireworks lighting up the sky with the caption: “When you reach over 250 BILLION STREAMS in music business”.

Judging by the duration of the fireworks show, published by the rapper on his IG profile, we see that there is no money spared on this one, as it should be.


The “Just Another Gangsta 2” project.

After some financial misunderstood between Juvenile and Birdman was resolved and the beef was buried in the past, the Cash Money vets rejoiced the hip-hop fans with a joint project titled “Just Another Gangsta”, released on March 29, 2019.

With a one month pre-announcement, the album came in fulfilled with the old school energy of them both and the new sonically sound. Juve and Baby premiered three videos off the album since the release, but all this work seems like a piece of cake for the rap giants.

Recently Rich Gang boss announced via his IG page, that sequel to the album is on the way. The expected date that should be dropped on July, 12. The new offering comes in just three months after the first part. Obviously Juvenile and Birdman has more to show after the last 12 tracks from the first project.

There are some rumors around the web that the long-time collaborator Mannie Fresh will be producing some tracks this time, but time will show.



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