Birdman Talks Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Documentary & More

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Birdman Talks Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Documentary & More

The new episode of Everyday Struggle brought interesting confessions from the special guest Birdman. Rumors are often part of the life of famous people, of course not all of them completely true. That is why the audience is always happy to hear something that will separate the truth from the lie. The main topic of the interview was the current relationships that Birdman maintains with some of the former members and current artists of Cash Money.

According to his words, he still keeps great relationships with all of them with no exceptions. Birdman claims that all bad is put behind and he, Drake, Nicki, and Wayne are working together on different projects. Asked directly about the latest Lil’ Wayne performance at the All-Star game.

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Many commented that the forthcoming album Carter V put some tension on the relationship between the two former Cash Money Records artists their common work for the All-Stars performance cleared the air. A quote from the same interview at the 44:35-mark claims that Wayne was grateful to his friend and told him he could not have done it without him. Simply the Big Tymer reveals that there are only good vibes between him and Tunechi.

The good thing is that the New Orleans born rap star did not try to hide any of the truth confessing several times when the situation often gets messy when you work with a college now and then. But when people are aiming for the good they find a way to work things out.

Birdman – Rick Ross

Unfortunately, the relationships between Birdman and Rick Ross did not go so well though. The rapper shared that at the 52:20-mark, he had to face a lawsuit, not exactly sure what he will achieve at the end of all that.


At the end of this historic interview, the author of the Lost at Sea album was happy to share his future plans and when the things are turning for him. It is not a secret that he will take an active part in the Spotify project called “New Cash Order”. The show is set to its premiere today (21st of February). It will follow the rise of the Cash Money label from its beginning until the present days. Of course, it will show some curious footage never seen before.

Besides that Birdman shared he and Chris Brown also funded a movie on their own, which is also to come out soon.

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