Bobby Shmurda Could Be Released From Jail In February


Bobby Shmurda Could Be Released From Jail In February

2021 starts with some good news for Bobby Shmurda and his fans, according to the latest reports, the Brooklyn rapper could be released 10 months earlier than his official release date in December.

The latest word on the web is that Bobby has been granted a conditional release from jail and could find himself at home on February 23, 2021.

Thanks to the Time Allowance Committee consisting of Prison staff and their final review based on his behavior, Bobby Shmurda is now eligible for conditional release.

Bobby Shmurda release date information

If Bobby behaves and the Committee members are happy enough, he’s expected to be free on February 23, 2021, but he will serve the rest of his sentence under community supervision.

The countdown started and the fans can now safely hope for some new music from the rapper.



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