Boosie Badazz Addressed Airlines Company As Racist, They Reply


Boosie Badazz Addressed Airlines Company As Racist, They Reply

This weekend, Boosie Badazz (36), an Baton Rouge native rhymer, missed a pool party in Great Rapids, Michigan and he accused American Airline of that.

On Saturday, 8 June, he used social media to call American Airlines racist. Pretty quickly it went viral, gathering likes and comments.

What was the cause of his reaction? After him and his children having been denied to board a plane, he went off and took it to Instagram, frustrated to a maximum.

He burst out and attacked American Airlines for being “racist, ignorant, bitch MFs…” and even went wishing them a plain-crash. Name-calling escalated more: “jealous broke ass”, “ass RACIS BITCH”, etc. He cursed the American Airlines representative and wished him dead.


How a Missed Pool Party Turned into a Social Media Ranting

What actually happened? Boosie and his children were supposed to catch a connecting flight in Charlotte, North Carolina on their way to Great Rapids, Michigan.

Тhey arrived after the plane has finished boarding and аs per the representative of American Airline the gate was closed. Even Boosie himself hinted they were late, “The captain told you that we could be let on…”

Despite the fact that Badazz and his kids were immediately booked for another flight, this didn`t stop him from ranting on and on about the racist people from American Airlines, cursing them and using more and more abusive language.

And then what was all that fuss about? A pool party he would miss in Great Rapids.

After an investigation, American Airlines came out with an official comment of the situation. They repeated their initial statement that he was late for boarding and arrived only after the gate was closed according to the airport standards. They explicitly stated that Boosie was not denied boarding for any other reason rather than the already given.


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