Bow Wow Caused Wave Of Disapproval After Disrespecting Ciara

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Bow Wow Caused Wave Of Disapproval After Disrespecting Ciara

The rapper, who released his first album when he was on the age of thirteen, is known for his not so good luck with women. When the trouble did not find him, he is deliberately looking for it. On Sunday night (July, 22 ), the rap star had a performance. It took place in Elleven45Lounge, Atlanta. The night was going well until Bow Wow decided to make few comments. While performing the “Like You“ single, which featured his long-time ex-girlfriend, Ciara, he insulted the mother of two.

Though the love story between the two ended over a decade ago, the American rapper and actor cannot let it go. It is recorded and broadcasted online how he said for Ciara quote: “I had this bitch first! “. The author of Face Off and New Jack City II has massive fan support, but even they slammed him publically for this extremely rude statement. Many people expressed their disappointment in the comment section, calling this act of the rapper with different names, unfortunately, none of them good. The female singer herself has not made any statement yet.

Bow Wow Caused Wave Of Disapproval After Disrespecting Ciara image
Bow Wow and Ciara

Looking back in time, the romantic history of the rapper can be called anything but successful.

The latest bad experience with women is dated from June 2019. The 32-year-old rapper and actor shared a picture of his ruined Mercedes G-Wagon. The girl, whose name is not known, literally smashed the window of his luxury vehicle. Several of his ex-girlfriends accused him of physical abuse. One of them, Kiyomi Leslie claimed that Bow Wow was aggressive to her while she was pregnant. Soon after that, the voice of another ex was heard. Erica Mena stated that she was also abused by the rapper. She even managed to sign co-document with Leslie, accusing the author of Beware of Dog in abuse.

According to the rumors in the years 2004-2006, while Bow Wow was officially dating Ciara, he even broke her fingers. The female singer is currently happily married to Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. They are family from 6th of July 2016 in England and have a daughter, born one year later.

Ciara And Future image
Ciara And Future

Ciara has one more child, who is a boy, from her previous relationship with Future, to whom she was engaged in 2013, but they never married.


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