Busta Rhymes Chellenges T.I. For The Next Hit-For-Hit ‘Verzuz’ Battle

Busta Rhymes Chellenges T.I. For The Next Hit-For-Hit 'Verzuz' Battle

Busta Rhymes wants to give some smoke to T.I. by challenging him for the next Verzuz IG Live battle.

After scoring impressive, record-breaking success since the first episode in March 2020, the Verzuz IG Live hit-for-hit battles are coming back for season 2.

According to the announcement made by Verzuz’ creators, Swizz Beatz, and Timbaland, the first participant in Season 2 will be Busta Rhymes. The superproducers had a nice online conversation with Jimmy Fallon, where Swizz revealed Verzuz Season 2 will be “big levels”.

“A lot of people that weren’t ready, are ready now” Swizz added.

While readying his next album “ELE 2”, which is set to hit the streaming platforms on Oct. 30, 2020, Busta shared a video of his IG conversation with Fat Joe, where the “Break Ya Neck” rapper challenges T.I. to a Verzuz.

KING T.I. aka KING OF THE SOUTH aka TIP aka MR. EXPEDITIOUSLY aka @troubleman31 YOU SAID YOU WANTED THAT N.Y. ENERGY/SLASH NEW YORK SMOKE 💨??? I’M HERE FOR YOU WITH OPEN ARMS… DON’T GET SHOOK NOW SHAWTY!!! RESPECTFULLY (IN MY @sugsway voice) HARLEM!!!! #ITSTHESILENCEFORME @verzuztv @therealswizzz @timbaland @thelarryjackson @applemusic @fatjoe” – Busta wrote on his IG post.

A few months ago, Tip revealed his wish to face off 50 Cent in such a battle, but the “Power” rapper “kindly” denied the proposal. Now, Busta is ready to send some New York energy towards T.I.

Yet, there is no response from “The L.I.B.R.A” rapper.



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