Cam’ron Drops New “Purple Haze 2” Album, 10 Years Later

Cam'ron Purple Haze 2 album cover image

Cam’ron Drops New “Purple Haze 2” Album, 10 Years Later.

The end of the year 2019 is time for surprises. Cam’ron is just one proof of that with his new album. Maybe some of us have already pronounced the waiting of the next music effort from the rapper as hopeless, but the truth is the new album is already out. And it is just exactly fifteen years after the Purple Haze first part announcement.

The new project is called just simply “Purple Haze 2”. And what can be even better than a new album? That is right – it is a tour with the same name which starts not later than this Friday.

From the beginning of his music career, the Harlem-born OG started collaborations and work with some of the biggest names in hip-hop and rap music. The first label he did studio tracks under was co-owned and produced by Jay-Z. Besides that, during the years he worked also with Kanye West. The rumors and teases for the sequence of Purple Haze started a few years ago. And now the result is ready.

In his latest interviews, Cam’ron shared he often tells himself that he must stop messing with music. But the truth is he can not stay away from it long and his last project proves it. One thing leads to another and now he is planning to make the second part of his mixtape “The Program”.

Cam’ron On “Purple Haze 2” Tour

About the tour we mentioned above – it will take place in several cities in North America and Canada. Some of them are Nashville, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto. “Purple Haze 2” has sixteen full tracks. Of course, there are big names featured in the tracks like Wale in “I don’t know” and Max B in “This Is My City”. Probably you can not wait to listen to some of the songs. Of course, you can do that the usual way.

Cam'ron tour image

The album Purple Haze 2 is available on Spotify and Apple Music streamed. Cam’ron made a great step, let’s hope he does not stay away from music for a long time the next years.

Check out the alum here:

Release Day: December 20, 2019



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