Cardi B And Bruno Mars “Please Me” Video Is Out Now


Cardi B And Bruno Mars “Please Me” Video Is Out Now

The audio released in Valentine’s Day already got his visuals ready and shared to the fans. Since five hours ago, we can enjoy the footage directed by Bruno Mars and Florent Dechart. Cardi B teased her IG followers, which are over 41 million for the upcoming video few days ago right after the audio was released and the official announce was at Tuesday when the “Money” rapper revealed that Friday is the big day.

This is not the first time Cardi and Bruno work together and just like last time the mixture of them both styles is unique, the duo earn even more success than the last time, with 1 377 600 views, in the first five hours after the premiere.

The visuals shows Bruno Mars and his crew, in the late hours after the party chilling in an regular Los Angeles Mexican Taco when Cardi and the girls comes in. Then it all starts. In way different, from what we know style, Cardi shows up in spectacular outfit then show some moves and obviously got the attention of Mars. The action goes from the restaurant to the parking lot and ends up with Cardi and Bruno singing to each other while riding a Cadillac cabriolet.

Premiere: March, 1



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