Cardi B, Ja Rule, T.I. And More Rappers Blast Trump

Cardi B and T.I. over Trump

Cardi B, Ja Rule, T.I. And More Rappers Blast Trump.

It is not a public secret that President Trump managed to gain so many enemies so far as no one did before. We can call it normal if someone from another country calls his moves illogical and stupid or accuses him of anything. But no American president had such strong resistance inside the country and from people of art, music, cinema and almost every popular personality you can think of.

No exception was made with the last military decision considering Iran and its future political relations with the USA. A deliberate act of attack on the third of January causes the death of a very important Iranian commander aTory t the airport of Baghdad. The attack was led by a drone and the president was really proud of his deeds. No one was giving a second thought that this may lead to a war with the Arabic world and as a sequence even to World War III. Or they were aware of the consequences, but they were looking for them on purpose. Trump is the first and only so far American president who is so eager to look for conflicts and engage the country in them in every chance he had.

Rappers over Trump and his actions

The reactions of the rap community were not too long to become public. Cardi B was always politically aware and she did not hide her anger. She called “the move” the dumbest and as serious as this can be, she said also she is filing for Nigerian citizenship.

Tory Lanez, London on the Track and Colin Kaepernick emphasized the tension between the countries and the fact that no one needed that just after the Christmas holidays. Colin also claimed to have seen a special line the USA politics followed which put no worth on the lives of Black and Brown people – end of quote.

Ja Rule explained his special position and told us why nobody should be making jokes about the situation. Because he says while we are laughing may a war has started. He also shares the fact that no less than three thousand troops were already deployed and we should all pray for them.

T.I. also shared his thoughts on the gram, posting an Iranian leader’s speech, with the cap “THIS AINT OUR WAR CHAMP!!!” followed by few more posts aiming at the conflict.

Perhaps we can all ask why the president is looking for conflicts, who have an interest in going to war these days? Obviously, not many people can answer that question and understand the situation.



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