Cardi B Sharing Thoughts, Hip Hop Clashes Politics

Cardi B and Tomi Lahren

The hip hop and politics clashes once again. Cardi B thoughts insipre many on government shutdown protest.
Since the era of “Old School” rap, started in the late 80’s or even earlier the rap music and politics are crossing lines wich is inevitably.

Recent example of that is Cardi B’s social media posts that appears to inspire many on the government shutdown protest few days ago.

The multi- platinum female rapper shared her thoughts on IG post and guess what… people across the U.S. liked it.
The Woman’s march that happened for the 3rd time in the past 3 years was flooded with Cardi B quotes regarding the political situation in the country at this moment.

With some real talk, uncensored and Cardi B style words, “Money” singer revealed her oppinion on Trump’s ways of ruling the country and drew attention to the people from both sides of the politics. Cardi was so real and pure in her statements that even the political opponents of Trump used the rapper’s words adressing their future voters.

With such a fluence in the current situation, getting all that political attention Cardi should expexted a strike back from Donald Тrump supporters.

Right after the rapper’s social media shots, a Fox news, political expert Tomi Lahren commented with mocking comment on the rappers words.
The two ladies exchanged few tweets regarding the situation and Cardi B showed that she ain’t gonna let someone mess with her by “i will dog walk you” words.

This is not the first contact between music and politics, and for sure will not be the last.
We all remember how the government in the face of Senators, Majors and politicians stepped into the hip hop music long ago, trying to distort the words of the artists by censoring it. Forbidding live shows of N.W.A., literally stepping on the Tupac Shakur’s CDs and many many more over the years.

Clashes like these can not be avoided because Rap music is part of the people and people are part of the politics and thats the way it is.


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