Celebrities From The Music Business Paid Tribute To The Director John Singleton’s Funeral


Oscar-nominated American director John Singleton died at the age of 51, the world news agencies reported. Singleton had a stroke a few days ago. Once the doctors did not give hope for recovery, his family decided that life-saving machines would be turned off.

Singleton became famous for his film in 1991 Boyz N The Hood, which started the careers of Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Angela Bassett. For this film, Singleton was nominated for Oscar at the record age of 24 years. After that, he directed films such as “Fast and Furious 2”, “Rosewood”, and produced the series “Snowfall”.

“John died peacefully, surrounded by family and friends,” said his family.

The funeral was on May 6th at Angelus Funeral Home in South Los Angeles, the neighborhood formerly known as South Central. There Singleton spent part of his childhood.

On the private funeral among the family and friends were the music stars Ice Cube, rapper Ludacris, Stevie Wonder and dignitaries including Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Ice Cube and John Singleton

Others who have given their respect were Ryan Coogler and the film’s Academy Award-winning costume designer Ruth Carter, F. Gary Gray, football Hall of Famer Jim Brown, and actors, Morris Chestnut, Ving Rhames, Nia Long, Tyrese and Taraji P. Henson. Singleton’s funeral last about two hours before Singleton’s casket was carried out.

No media was allowed inside.

Singleton must be laid to rest at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills, it is a final resting place of many Hollywood celebrities. He leaves nearly all of his property to his daughter Justice Singleton, who at the time was his only child.

Later he had four more children. Singleton’s estate is estimated for nearly $3.8 million.

The Singleton family are planning to make a public memorial, a representative said.



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