DaBaby Drops New Video For ‘Practice’


DaBaby premiered the latest video for his track Practice. The song is from the deluxe edition of his April-released LP ‘Blame It On Baby’. The Deluxe version found its way to the streaming services back in August.

The song is produced by Sean Da Firzt and the new video is directed by Gemini Vision. The visuals start with DaBaby’s real uncle “UNC” and ends with a short verse from Baby’s nephew and video of the two of them.

In the short video at the end, we see the little Caleb learning to never give up from his uncle, which is the North Carolina rapper-himself.

Prior to the premiere of the “Practice” video, a report of a shootout at DaBaby’s video shoot was circling the internet. In the fan-made video, we can see the cars used for the “Practice” visuals, and later on, shots fired.


DaBaby went on Instagram to address the situation, revealing he wasn’t there when the shots were fired.



Check out the new “Practice” video by DaBaby above.

Premiere: October 7, 2020

Director: Gemini Vision



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