Daz Dillinger Got Two Charges For Marijuana Possesion


TMZ reported- Daz Dillinger gets two charges for marijuana possesion.

The DPGC (Dogg Pound Gangsta Clique) gangsta faces 25 years jail time if the court find it guilty.

September 2018, the OG rapper was arrested at his home, after the City of lyons (Georgia) Police department found 117 grams of weed, pods of THC, liquid “Cannabis lean” and few more attributes wich by the way is legal in more then 10 states in the US. The bail back then was $ 15.000

Daz Dillinger Arrested Sep. 2018

The charges at the beggining was all in all 12, but now good for Daz there are only 2 at the end.

Taking a look- back in the past, we know this isn’t first time of Daz being charged for drugs.

July 1, 1998 is one of the moments we remember when Daz Dillinger was arrested together with Snoop Dogg ( back then Snoop Doggy Dogg).

Snoop and Daz were arrested at Universal City’s Amphitheatre regardles backstage fight. After the police officers searched the rappers (becasue of the smell) both were charged for less than one ounce per each. It was way more easy back then, because the two of them would get an $100 fee if pleads guilty.

Things are different now and 25 years behind the bars sounds like a reason for “Tha Dogg Pound” member to be worried.



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