Denzel Curry Nailed To The Wheelchair After His Last Concert


Denzel Curry Nailed To The Wheelchair After His Last Concert

The famous rapper suffered after a jump from the stage yesterday. Fortunately, he only missed with an injured leg. What happened and when to expect him back?

The Festival

A little more than a month already, Denzel Curry is touring with Billie Eilish throughout North America to present his new album. Now the “Zuu” rapper did a spectacular performance on the stage during the 2019 Wireless Festival. The festival began July 5th and will be continued until July 9th. It is going great except yesterday’s accident with the rapper.

His new album

The Carol City rapper, who came last year like a storm, has already released his fourth album which name is “Zuu”. He presented it on May 31 with the support of Loma Vista Recordings. After he recently releases single “Ricky” which is very deep for Curry because it is dedicated to his father. That is why the track`s name is the same as his father’s. In this album, we can find that he is returning to his roots back to Florida and that’s why it is so important to him.

About the accident

In yesterday’s post on Twitter D.C. wrote down that he is stuck to a wheelchair because he went too crazy on Saturday night. His ankle is twisted and for a couple of months, he will be confined to the wheelchair.

When he will back to stage?

For astonishment, the rapper has already got back to the stage although his injury. He tweeted that this at any cost will not stop him to go on. Also, J. Carolan tweeted two photos in which he is with the rapper and wheeled him around the airport where he is waiting for his flight to the next stage. Many people think that Denzel would rue to his solution because of his medical condition. Well…he did a performance on stage in a wheelchair.



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