Diddy Announces The Start Of Black Political Party ‘Our Black Party’

Diddy Announces The Start Of Black Political Party ‘Our Black Party’

As the election in the USA is approaching and the whole world is watching it seems like the surprises never end. These days are full of news and one of them is the launch of the new party. In one of his recent interviews with Cha The God, Diddy himself revealed he’s stepping into the politics and launching his black political party named Our Black Party.

The main reason to start that, according to the rapper is the fact that somehow the opinion and the will of black people must be heard.

The hints for this idea were given earlier this year by Diddy himself. He told in an interview that this time black people’s vote will not be for free and will have its cost. And it seems like he did not forget this statement. In his announcement the rapper shared the latest comment which became very popular on social media, calling the American people to hold their vote a hostage. According to Diddy, this is not the right thing to do and he wants the whole world to know that the vote of the black people in America matters. That is why according to the quotes he made the boldest move in his life so far as he registered the Our Black Party.

I’m launching one of the boldest movements that I’ve ever launched. It’s called Our Black Party. It’s time for us to have our own Black political party—unapologetically.

The main reason for this move of Diddy is clearly the president Trump who actually stole the sleep of many people in the States. Though almost four years from the last elections have passed, the society can not find piece and the nation is still separated pro and against the personality of the president. This is why Diddy claimed that Biden is more acceptable.

Diddy is not putting limits on his decision because in many interviews he explained that the aim of the party is way beyond the upcoming elections. And that is why this mission is so important for the rapper. He is really active on social media and is not losing the time to make his idea more popular every day.

Check out the full interview of Diddy and Charlamagne The God.


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