Diddy’s Ex Virginia V Opens Up About How He Physically Abused Her


Diddy’s Ex Virginia V Opens Up About How He Physically Abused Her

A not so pleasant side of Diddy’s character was exposed by the confession of his Ex girlfriend.

Virginia V a.k.a. Gina Huynh sat down for an interview with Tasha K for the latest episode of “UnWine”.

As you may already know, Virginia V is the mysterious girl from the already deleted IG video, where she was kissing Diddy. The video surfaced a few weeks ago and went viral.


Things weren’t that pretty as they looked like according to her claims. In a 3-part interview, the model opens up in front of Tasha K and reveals details about her 5-year-long relationship with Diddy.

The story begins with some short information how V and Diddy met each other before the 27-year-old girl proceeds to the part when she speaks on how the “I’ll Be Missing You” mastermind “mentally, emotionally and physically” abused her thru the years.

Huynh reveals that Diddy made her get an abortion not just once but two times and offered to pay her $ 50 000 for it.

The next stage where Virginia V takes the interview is the moments of physical abuse by Diddy



With a chill tone, V revealed how she greatened Meek Mill for his birthday at his party, which later appeared as a problem for Diddy that led to an argument between Diddy and her. “He like, grabbed my hair and like cursed me out for doing that, why the f*ck you shaking his hand for” “He mushed my face, like really hard and made my nose bleed”

“The only person who ever helped me was D- Roc” she explains over her fights with Diddy.

Virginia V reveals another fight between her and the rap mogul in the second part of the interview.

In the 1: 20 minutes mark, Gina shares another story from Miami, where Diddy pushed her and after she felt down he “grabbed her hair and punched” her.

The final part of the interview reveals Gina’s point of view over him and the reason why she “outed him”.



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