DJ Tweak Announcing New Hip House Album “The Label”

DJ Tweak Announcing New Hip House Album

DJ Tweak, an American DJ and Producer, has announced the release of his new album “The Label” which is expected to be released sometime in the Summer of 2022.

This Album is Unique for the DJ as he wants to bring a whole new Genre to the Industry that he likes to call “Hip House”.

While touring in 2021, he started seeing how different cities differ in music.  “It’s so hard being told play this, or do not play that, and it’s different in every city” DJ Tweak Said.DJ TweakWhen asked to explain he said “Some Cities, are huge into house music, so that’s all they play, while other cities, like my City of Pittsburgh it’s mostly Hip Hop.”  Also Saying: “Why Pick and Choose when you can do both?  I am bringing Hip House with me On Tour”.

Hip House, is a mixture of House and Hip Hop on a single track.  DJ Tweak, believes that he can deliver to the masses and get everyone to love both genres at the same time.

DJ Tweak plans to collaborate with many well known DJs and Artists across the US to feature on his upcoming album and he can definitely being a success from his experience with his remixes on tour.

DJ Tweak

He currently releases endless remixes and bootlegs that are Hip House and thought, why not an original album.  And that’s how the idea started.

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