DMX As “Detective White” In “Chronicle Of A Serial Killer” Movie


DMX As “Detective White” In Chronicle Of A Serial Killer Movie

Reportedly, DMX is back to acting and will play a role in the upcoming crime “CHRONICLE OF A SERIAL KILLER”.

It is expected that the “We Right Here” rapper will be with Brendan Sexton on the set,

The plot link reveals that Sexton’s role will be in conflict with the females, believing that they will end in the same way as his mother.

Chronicle Of A Serial Killer Cover

On the other hand, X will be in the role of a detective, who will be part of the capture of Brolin.

Steve Stanulis, director of the film, fully shares the proposition that he is excited to work on the upcoming film with DMX, believing that X would play the role in a totally different light and inspire incredible energy, just as if it were a missing piece of a puzzle.

It seems that Hollywood’s already familiar star will be too busy with a film career this summer when they expect to start filming as we already know DMX had another project on his mind for filming a documentary about his life after he was released from prison.



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