DMX Confirms New Album And Announces Pop Smoke Collaboration

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DMX Confirms New Album And Announces Pop Smoke Collaboration

DMX is making the final touches on the release of his new album. To pick up the curtain for the fans the OG recently gave an interview talking about the new project. The Ruff Ryders veteran appeared on the latest episode of the Drink Champs podcast and shared some news. DMX surprised the audience as he announced an upcoming collaboration with the late Pop Smoke will take place in the new album.

That went public after N.O.R.E. – the host – asked X the question that everyone wants to ask – who will be in the list of features, young and old school rappers in general.

During the podcast, he also named other fresh rap stars like Griselda boys. What DMX said is “That’s what type of new I’m doing”, explaining that for now, he is limiting the collaboration he is doing with the new generation.



DMX also explained that unfortunately, he never met Pop Smoke in person. Now he has the chance to include his unique vocal, which is modulated, in Dark man X’s new album. The host joked that if DMX and 50 Cent were to become parents, Pop Smoke for sure would have been the child. In the same direction, DMX continued the joke, saying that 50 Cent would deliver it, though it will belong to both of them.


DMX and N.O.R.E. image
DMX and N.O.R.E.

And if DMX surprised the world with the news for Pop Smoke, the partnership with The Griselda rappers is very well known to the public. The co-work dates from the last December. Westside Gunn has shared a picture on his Twitter page, which shows him alongside Conway The Machine and Benny The Butcher, followed by a comment that they are in a process of work, shouting out to DMX and Ruff Ryders. There was another similar and original, already-removed picture, first posted on Instagram.

This is DMX’s first studio album after nine years with none. The suspense is rising because the rapper mentioned several collaborations without any more details. So we can’t wait to discover what other names will be pulled out of the sleeve. There is yet no specific date announced for the album’s release.




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