DMX Gets Welcome Home Party And In TV Show After Getting Out


DMX Gets Welcome Home Party And Attend TV Show After Getting Out

At the end of the last year it became clear that Dark Man X will be out of jail very soon, Jan. 27, 2019. For those who forgot he’s been there for Tax evasion charges. During the past year “Slippin” rapper got few offers about starring in a documentary movie and also releasing a book for his life.

Now since the date of X’s release from prison is clear, comes the first live preformance of the rapper. Presented by Big Mike The Ruler and Black Cloud. The event is about to happen on February, 8th. at Lotus Lounge/ West Haven.

Tickets are already available online. The show was as well promoted by official page of the rapper in social media platforms.

Seems like as soon as DMX gets out of jail, he will start grind hard (wich is normal according the financial status and legal issues).

Surprisingly for all of us the “Where The Hood At” rapper will appear in a episode of reality TV show “Fix My Life”. Not so long ago, in 2013 DMX walked away from the show and was about to sue the host Iyanla Vanzant. First meeting between these two didn’t went so well, as at the end both of them were without any desire to see/ talk each other again. The rapper went in rage mode, after Venzant got him on the drug addiction topic. The last words X gave to her was to suck his d..k. We know his nature and temperament.

Now news – mogul reports that the ruff ryder want to give it a second try. According to our sources, Iyanla Vanzant revealed that the rapper wrote to her team again and now she admits the bad end of their previous meeting and says she had failed him.




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