DMX Music Streams Increase With 928% After His Death

DMX Music Streams Increase With 928% After His Death

DMX Music Streams Increase With 928% After His Death

The news for the death of the rapper DMX came out last Friday (April 9). He was hospitalized on the 2nd of April after suffering a severe heart attack as a result of a drug overdose. The 50-year-old rapper received huge care and love from the fans and family while he was in the White Plains hospital, NY on life support. Unfortunately, his condition was too serious to let him recover.

The news for the heart attack and the following death projected like an explosion in the music world and especially on the amount of streamed DMX music. The percentage of the increase reached almost one thousand percent. According to the MRC report, the search for songs from DMX’s catalog increased by exactly 928%. All in all the tracks of the rapper reached 75.7 million requests. The results come combined from both video and audio. The same figures were just slightly over seven million for the dates 7th and 8th of April, which is before the announcement of the death.

On April 9, things looked very different. The top five streamed songs were: first place – Ruff Ryders Anthem – almost ten million; second – X Gon Give It To Ya – almost six million; third is the eternal classic Slippin with almost five million, fourth comes Party Up and the fifth place is for How It’s Going Down featuring Faith Evans.

Before the bad news for DMX, the number of his streamed tracks was between seven hundred thousand and one million a day. After that, it rose to three and four million and still rising.

This situation is reflected in the album sales as well. For the period between the 9th and 11th of April, the figure for DMX’s albums and songs sold copies reached one hundred thousand.

During his active years, DMX reached the top of the charts many times. The number of hits he has on Billboard is 46. It is interesting to know that he did not only make it within the hip-hop genre. The first five albums he released though went straight to the number one position and stayed there for a long time. It is safe to say that there is no person in the world who missed listening to The Great Depression or at least did not heard a single song from it.

Below you can find DMX music, songs, and videos to listen to on some of the popular streaming platforms.



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