DMX Wants A Battle With JAY-Z In “Verzuz” Live IG

DMX Wants A Battle With JAY-Z In “Verzuz” Live IG

The last Drink Champs Podcast turned into real heat. DMX has been interviewed virtually and one innocent question led to an unexpected answer. When N.O.R.E. asked who X would choose for his battle rival in “Verzuz, that was the moment when the bomb exploded without any doubt, DMX dropped the name of JAY-Z.

It was so unexpected and convincing, that even the other two men on the other side of the mic needed clarification. After short silence N.O.R.E. needed to ask is DMX really saying what he thought he said. And the answer was “Yeah, who you think n***a?”.

Let’s explain the next words of DMX when he claimed this will be battle number three. Though the preferences of the rapper were a real surprise, if it happens, it will not be the first time these two meet to share the microphone.

DMX and JAY-Z face-to-face timeline

In the early ’90s, the two moguls of rap music met in the Bronx, of course, at a simple pool hall. Few years after that in 1999 is when their second meeting is dated. This happened during the “Hard Knock Life Tour“. This last battle was even documented on the Backstage documentary movie.

That’s what brings us to the conclusion this “Verzuz” battle between DMX and Jay-Z is not impossible to happen since it happened before for real. Of course, neither X, nor Hov were the stars they are now, but who knows. For sure it will be a lifetime event.

Here’s a snippet from the documentary:

The probability of the event becomes even bigger because “Verzuz“ is known to be a scene of numerous other iconic battles, which happened in the time before. Even the closest one to happen is a sensation to be itself.

The battle between Erykah Badu and Jill Scott is officially scheduled for the 9th of May, which is this Saturday. It promises big time. The potential rumor for Puff Daddy vs. Dr. Dre is also circling the area.

There are several battles in the history of “Verzuz” which broke every record for streaming, that was once set. Some of them are DJ Premier and RZA, also Lil Jon and T-Pain as well as Babyface and Teddy Riley.

Everybody is surely waiting nervously to hear whether there will be any response from Jigga and what it will be. Stay tuned for more details about DMX and JAY-Z Instagram battle.



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