DMX’s Fiancée Wants Ownership Over His Estate, The Court Refuses

DMX and his Fiancée Desiree Lindstorm

DMX’s Fiancée Wants Ownership Over His Estate, The Court Refuses

Besides grief and sorrow, the sudden death of the music mogul DMX also brought conflicts between the family members. X didn’t have his will done. Also, the situation did not leave him any chance to write one.

The fortune he left behind is raising many questions. And the situation between the relatives is getting unpleasant.

According to the sources, the fight goes between X’s fiancée and the children of the late rap star. So far six members of the family have claimed their wish to be granted estate over the actives and passives of DMX.

Till the last day of his life, Dark Man X was with Desiree Lindstrom. They were not married, but still, she has the full rights to claim to “common-law wife“. In case she had won she would have taken control over the properties of DMX and other of his belongings. Well, the court rejected the application.

Three other members of the family also tried to win the estate. They were the kids of DMX from his previous marriage with Tashera Simmons. Xavier ( 28 ), Tacoma (21 ), and Sean ( 19 ) filed a joint petition to take care of his father’s future earnings from music and the control over the fortune. Their application was not denied but is not accepted either yet.

At the same time, other kids of the rapper also claimed their rights. Daughters Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden are also in the row to get the estate. Probably a joint right to all the kids of DMX will be the best decision although it will be hard for so many people to cooperate on every issue.

DMX died on the 9th of April in a New York hospital after few days on life support. According to the official information he suffered from a massive heart attack from which he never recovered. This condition was a consequence of an overdose he took.



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