Dr. Dre Thinks Social Media Destroys Artists’ Mystique

Dr. Dre Social media

The Old School style in hip-hop is something that has been and still is very much cherished and valued in the guild. It is basically from everything started and is the classic of the style. The greatest names become what they are back then. And Dr. Dre is for sure one of them and now he shared few words on social media and the impact on the artists. He believes in the old school and follows it in everything he does.

Recently he has been interviewed by Jimmy Iovine for the British edition of the GQ magazine. And the topic for social media and its influence on people’s lives came up during the conversation.

Iovine and Dre have a long time relationship and they do business together. They can be called the founders of Beats Electronic – the company that put them both high above the others and changed everything. Dr. Dre is known for not doing interviews anymore. He simply does not have what to say and I doubt that he can become any more successful, rich, or famous. He already has it all.

Still Dr. Dre is a person, who is interested in what happens in the world and most of all he is impressed by the power and influence of social media these days. For sure there were no Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and anything else when the rapper was just on his way up. But there were different rules then, he adds.

Somehow the personality of the artist was covered in mystery and that is what Dre says is the best part. There was the waiting, the feeling that the artist is extraordinary and does not do things like the rest of us. Now the social media lets everyone in our homes, which according to Dr. Dre ruins it all.

“I probably would’ve hated social media when I was coming up,” Dre said. “There’s a certain mystique that gets destroyed. I like the mystique. I like waiting.” – Dre added.



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