Drake And Kanye West Met & Squashed Their Decade-Long Beef

Drake And Kanye West Met & Squashed Their Decade-Long Beef

If you are wondering how the decade-long beef between Drake and Kanye ended, you all can be calm, because there is a happy ending. It looks like Drake accepted Ye’s proposal to put differences aside and they did it.

The long fight has come to an end. Both rappers posted pictures on their Instagram and they all look great. The announcement came out almost at the same time. And Ye even shared a picture from the same night.

The historical meeting was also followed by a video, on which Dave Chappelle spoke about the braveness to confess one mistake and to put the differences aside.

J. Prince also spoke for the great meeting and epic evening. He made a surprising announcement which transformed things from good to excellent. He said there will be a performance from the two rappers together next month. The date and the place are also clear. It will be during the “Free Larry Hoover Concert”. The date is the 9th of December and it looks like it will be in Canada. According to J. Prince, and probably the rest of the world, these two will be making history together.

This surprising announcement comes just one week after Ye shared the video on which he offers peace to Drake. He also shared that the best time to put the differences aside is to stand behind a bigger and more important cause, which is to free Larry Hoover.

During that same night, Kanye also shared his idea to ask Drake to join the next show in December. By then it was just an idea of course. But, after the two of them met, it will become one of the biggest events of the year.

Drake and Kanye are making an important example with their behavior and by ending their beef they prove that everything is possible.



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