Drake Brings The “Ultimate Rap League” To Caffeine Streaming Platform

Drake Brings The

Drake Brings The “Ultimate Rap League” To Caffeine Streaming Platform

Drake just shook hands with the Ultimate Rap League ( URL ) and the Caffeine Streaming for a new project. The contract is a long-time dream for the “War” rapper, he was glad to share with the audience that he had always liked the Ultimate Rap League and wanted to work together.

The news is one hundred percent sure because it was shared at the same time both from the URL and Drake himself. Basically, the League revealed more details about the co-operation. The project will be streamed only one time live by Caffeine Streaming Platform using the format of a sport live event. That means it will be announced before and really live experience, which will include at least three rap battles. To access the events, form URL further explains, the users should install the App first. It is the official URLTV APP with premium status. Besides that, all users will have exclusive access to other special events that will be streamed on the platform.

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In his announcement, Drake also explains that the URL was and will always be doing great things, but they were missing the tools to make them more popular and easily accessible for real fans. The Caffeine partnership in this new project gave the missing part to all of this. The people who have the app and the premium status will also have the opportunity to watch Drake’s channel. This is a special part of interaction with the fans. Drizzy is always caring for their opinion and what they have to share, so do not miss to ask him any questions.

The Ultimate Rap League is a very respected and widely supported organization, which specialty is the battle rap. It is based in New York and many hip-hop stars like Busta Rhymes, French Montana and Jay-Z expressed their positives for the league. Drake himself was once invited to a battle, but he denied. Nobody knows now that he is so engaged in the battles whether he will finally agree on this long waited opportunity. Otherwise, the League is the most prestigious arena for hip-hop battles and is watched by millions of fans all over the world.



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