Drake Drops Two New Surprising Tracks With Video

Drake New music image

Drake Drops Two New Surprising Tracks With Video

It turns out to be some kind of a tradition for Drake to release new songs or videos without letting even the slightest tease to his fans. The last brand-new video which was released just now is the latest proof for that. No one has expected or even has thought it is possible for a star from his range to keep a complete secret this releases. His songs “When to Say When“ and “Chicago Freestyle” was dropped on Saturday night. It is not a secret though that the second one is directed by Theo Skudra. The guy directed many times for Drake before, the result is spectacular and we believe he will do it in the future as well.

The lyrics of “When to Say When” lead to a conclusion, that the Canadian born rapper is making a retrospection of his life till now. He is talking about his work and exes, for some with regrets and others not so much. Being a celebrity is often means your private life not being really private. Many know about his past relationships which obviously have not ended with our famous rap star happily married.

Finding a new woman to stand beside him is really an issue for the Hotline Bling singer. A few years ago, even the name of Jennifer Lopez was related to him as being his girlfriend. Many pictures became viral with two of them having fun together. Unfortunately for the rapper, as he said in the same song, many of his ex-girlfriends definitely moved on.

The other song which was packed with a brand-new video – Chicago Lifestyle – may bring brighter colors to the world. It is more related to Drizzy’s music. Also, the track got a sample from Eminem. Those who are very aware of the work of Marshall Mathers will recognize the chorus “Superman” single. It was released in 2003 as part of his fourth studio album, called “The Eminem Show”, which went official the previous year of 2002.

You can now watch the full videos of both “When to Say When” and “Chicago Lifestyle” and also the projects can be fully streamed as well.



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