Drake Gives $100 000 To Bail Out Arrested Protestors

Drake Gives $100 000 To Bail Out Arrested Protestors

The killing of George Floyd and the strong reaction of the African-American society is echoing worldwide and is news number one these days. The unfortunate events led to massive protests all around the U.S. accompanied by so-called “looting”, riots and disorder. The outcome of the last ones mentioned is massive arrests and people on bail. Drake decided to help people in need, arrested during protests and donated $100 000 to bail out protests participants.

The events also caught the attention of the famous and influential people in the country, who know this should stop one or another way. The tension in society is very big and it can lead to very negative consequences if no measures are taken. According to the latest updates, the four officers responsible for George Floyd’s death got new charges, which is a big positive step for justice.

As a result of the last days the police put many of the protestors in jail, and this resulted in more serious problems. Having in mind the crisis with the Coronavirus many people stayed without incomes for a long time. And being arrested under a bail can be very complicated.

Drake took this problem deep and donated not less than one hundred thousand dollars for those who are arrested as a result of the street fights and can not pay their bail. Mustafa The Poet, who is originally from Toronto, placed the challenge on the internet, as he started donations with four hundred dollars.

Drake Gives $100 000 To Bail Out Arrested Protestors screenshot

He addressed the message to Drake, suggesting him to match the first donation. The “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” rapper did write a check for one hundred thousand and published a picture of it sooner than it was expected.

It is just a part of an initiative worldwide, which aimed to help the victims of the protests against the illegal arrests and the results from them. The Minnesota Freedom Fund beat all records as they raised twenty million dollars in just four days.

Donating money for the bails is not the only way Drake showed his respect. He also shared a poem, written by Assata Shakur, which is called Affirmation. It was also followed by the tribute saying “Rest in heaven George Floyd“ expressing the position of the rapper on the case.


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