Drake Got Booed Off Stage, Responds To The Crowd

Drake Got Booed Off Stage, Responds To The Crowd image

Drake Got Booed Off Stage, Responds To The Crowd

Everyone who goes on stage gets booed by the audience once in a while. That’s the case with Drake, who meant to be a big surprise, but got disappointed. Though being one of the most selling artists lately, he did not manage to impress the people in Camp Flog Gnaw on November 10.

It is not that we really do not like Drake, just the opposite. But it is always risky to send another artist when the audience is informed of something else. Initially, everyone was expecting Frank Ocean, who on the other hand thought they will be over the moon to meet one of the hottest rap stars right now.

Camp Flog Gnaw Festival is an event which is organized by Tylor, The Creator. It took place from 9th till 11th of November in Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles. It happens almost the same time every year for the last eight years, at the same spot and features performances from many hip-hop artists, who entertain the audience and create some great time for them.

Booing one of the hi-hop performers who was expected to be a big thing made Tylor as an event executive gave a hard time to those who made Drake cut off his song. Via Twitter, he expressed in details how this made him feel. Tylor shared his anger in a very emotional and somehow insulting way for the crowd, daring to call first row people shits and similar words. It became clear that he as one of the management team of the Carnival felt this booing like his own failure and a little bit trashy.

Drake respond to the crowd

The massive dislike of The Champagne Papi pulled out many questions as he is one of the most interesting and successful entertainers in the music industry at the moment. Many shared the opinion that inviting him was just a wrong choice having in mind the style of the Carnival. Also, people shared that his music did not fit the idea of the event.

The good artist always knows how to overcome such situations and Drake proved he is big. He joked instead of hating and punishing the people. Also, he took the situation a positive way and joked in a Twitter post that he signed a ten-year residency deal at the festival and the kids (crowd) will be stuck with him until they get thirty.


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