Drake Pays Homage To Tupac With $600,000 Diamond Chains

Drake Pays Homage To Tupac With $600 000 Diamond Chains

Through the years Drake is recognized as a big fan of Tupac Shakur, understandable, and now the 6 God creator showed off with his two diamond chains honoring the late rapper.

During the tour of his new castle-like home back in April, Drizzy showed his collection of Tupac-related items, showing love to the legend with different pieces.

Now with the skills of the jeweler Jason Of Beverly Hills, Drake has coped not one, but two diamond chains with the face of Tupac depicted as Jesus. One goes with a blue bandana, one with the red bandana, suited the way Pac wore it.

According to the sources, each one of the chains costs $300k. 500 grams of gold were used for the making of the pieces, where every detail is well-done, from the diamond tears to the nose ring. The process of crafting such jewelry took 150 working hours to the creators.

With an IG post, Drake expressed his satisfaction with both iced-out masterpieces, showing a short video of the product and expressing his appreciation to Jason.

The Jeweler also used social media to embrace Drake for trusting him for the project and showed an even more detailed video of the chains honoring Tupac.



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