Drake Sends Special Message To A 14-year-old Fan

Drake Sends Special Message To A 14-year-old Fan

Drake sent a special message after recently heard of a fan of his, who was hospitalized, the 14-year-old Zelek Murray. The diagnosis of the boy is very rare and complicated. He has a brain tumor, which is very aggressive and he needed to be hospitalized.

Drake learned about this case from close friends and decided to do something good and to give hope to the poor boy. That is why he recorded a surprising message, especially for Zelek. In that message, he said that the rapper should be a fan of the boy, not the opposite because Zelek is the real hero in this case. Drake sends all his love, hope, and courage to the hospitalized boy.

The rumor for this fan who is wishing to meet his hero came from Mustafa The Poet, who was recently working together with the “POPSTAR” rapper.

What was more impressive than Drake’s message was the response of the kid, who was surprised and so happy. It seems like Zelek felt really special. The people around him managed to capture the reaction of the boy which was really nice. He cannot hide he was delighted and really happy. And we can imagine the happiest person around was his mama, who was able to see something nice in this really complicated and hard situation. She said she can’t believe a person like Drake took his time and give a message to her son creating a special moment that is once in a lifetime. She also shared it was touching and put light to their darkest times. The story of the video and the reaction of the boy was also shared via Instagram on Drake’s profile.

Besides revealing this video, The Poet also uncovered the past love story between SZA and Drake, which happened back in 2008. Soon after that SZA corrected the year to 2009, so everything was clear and the fans now know, Drake was having an affair with an aged person.
So it is a happy end of everything after all.



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