Drake With New Music “Omerta” And “Money In The Grave” Ft. Rick Ross.


Drake With New Music “Omerta” And “Money In The Grave” Ft. Rick Ross.

After Toronto Raptors won this year’s NBA Finals, Drake marked the moment and celebrated it with full power and excitement, showing everyone at the club that he’s a big fan of the Raptors.

After the big party, Champagne papi rejoiced his fans delivering a two-track EP “The Best In The World”

There are different points of view but in general, the fans believe that the Omertà track is an answer to Pusha-T. In case you missed it, King Push and Dreezy had their beef back in 2018 and looks like there’s more to come that way.

The track produced by a trio of Deats, E.Y accompanied by the well-known from other hip-hop projects Switzerland native producer OZ.

Omertà term is used among the Mafia and it stands for the valuable silence regarding actions that could harm the organization.

Check out the track:


The second new offering by the “Scorpion” creator is “Money In The Grave” with Rick Ross.

Unlike the first track that regains the beef between Drake and Pusha, this one is the very opposite. The misunderstanding between Champagne papi and The Boss- Rick Ross have long forgotten history, buried in the past.

Now the two artists present a collaboration that exposes not only their good relations but even shows that they can do spectacular music together.

With the production of Asoteric and Cydney Christine accompanied by Ljay Currie, the 3 minutes and 25 seconds track present Drake and Rick Ross killing the beat, using the rhymes as their weapon.

Rick Ross makes his appearance at the third verse, while the “God’s Plan” artist covers the first and second verses.

The two-track project was announced by Drake, shortly after the 2019 NBA finals.

Check out the second track:

Release Day: June 15, 2019



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