Dream Doll Hits Tory Lanez With New Diss


Since Tory Lanez proclaimed himself as “the best rapper alive” few days ago at Jan. 24, there was several disses fired to the Canadian rap star and he answered to one of them as well.

The first one to put a diss on Tory was Don Q with the song “I’m not Joyner” so the answer by Lanez arrived shortly with the name “Don Queen”. As a result of these events and the lyrics into Tory’s response there is another diss popped up recently and aimed at the “LUV” artist.

The 26-year-old female rapper Dream Doll that had relationship with Tory Lanez, which didn’t end up so well /According to the rumors she left him over another man/ and is good friend of Don Q, dropped few bars addressing her Ex-boyfriend Lanez in new diss track called “On Ya Head”. The reason for Dream Doll to go after Lanez is the lyrics in “Don Queen” (Don Q Diss track).

There the Canada native notes that Don Q pay for sex with Dream Doll while Lanez himself, got her for free the first time he saw her. These words sparked the flame in “Pull Up” artist and she did a remarkable diss.

Revealing sex related details, the Doll is merciless on this one. Claiming that Lanez asked her for threesome with another man and more…

Check the “On Ya Head” track




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