Eminem Drops New Animated Lyric Video For “Tone Deaf”

Eminem Tone Deaf video image

Eminem has dropped the new animated lyric video for the track “Tone Deaf” from his latest release “Music To Be Murdered By: Side B” which came surprisingly in December 2020.

The track, produced by Shady, can be described as a prediction for what just happened last week when TikTok users Gen Z (Generation Z) tried to cancel Eminem and the reason is his violent lyrics in the track “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna.

In the “Tone Deaf” track which was dropped months before the TikTok kids appear in the hip-hop discussions, the Detroid-bred rhymer addresses people trying to cancel him.

I can’t understand a word you say (I’m tone-deaf)
I think this way I prefer to stay (I’m tone-deaf)
I won’t stop even when my hair turns grey (I’m tone-deaf)
‘Cause they won’t stop until they cancel me (Yeah, yeah, yeah)” – Eminem raps.

Another interesting point in the video is the “no dogs allowed” sign placed on the wall of a small building while animated Eminem and Paul Rosenberg are leaving the place.

Tone Deaf screenshot with sign no dogs allowed

It’s hard to unsee it at the 2-seconds mark as well as at the 4 minutes and 56 seconds mark. The no dogs allowed sign refers to Eminem’s beef with Snoop Dogg that occurred shortly after the release of Shady’s latest album.

Watch the “Tone Deaf” video below.

  • Premiere: March 5, 2021
  • Director: Randy Chriz



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