Eminem Explains His Snoop Dogg Diss And The Apology to Rihanna

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Eminem Explains Snoop Dogg Diss And The Apology to Rihanna

In a recent interview with SiriusXM on Monday (January 4), Eminem opened up about the real reason he dissed Snoop Dogg in the track “Zeus” released with his “Music To Be Murdered By Side B” on December 18, 2020. Shady also shared more details about his apology to Rihanna following the leak of his unreleased verse for the track “Things Get Worse”.

In the 4 minutes-long interview, Eminem says the reason he dissed Snoop Dogg in “Zeus” was provoked by a recent interview of Snoop with The Breakfast Club podcast. Shady was ok with the fact he’s not in Snoop’s top 10 list of best rappers, also he was ok with Snoop’s opinion on how Dr. Dre is responsible for Em’s “best version” but the tone Snoop said this and more, is the main reason for Shady to namedrop him in the track.

Interviewer(Gray Rizzy): What did Snoop do that made you put this line in the song?

Eminem: “A couple of months ago, he (Snoop) was doing an interview with The Breakfast Club, somehow my name got brought up, and he was saying things about, you know, I’m not his top 10 and everything he said, by the way, was fine.

The rappers he mentioned from the 90s, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, G Rap, like I’ve never said I can f**k with them, I’ve never said that. Like everything he said was good until…I think it was more about the tone he was using” Eminem said at the 2 minutes and 59 seconds mark of the video.

Eminem then continued explaining he would deal with everything but the last Snoop’s statement that he “could live without that sh** [Eminem’s music]”.

Now you’re being disrespectful for…like, he just caught me off guard” Eminem added revealing his respect to Snoop Dogg from the past. “I’ve never in my career, my entire career, ever, said a disrespectful word about Snoop Dogg“.

In the interview, Shady also explains how he doesn’t remember recording his recently leaked 10-year-old verse where he disrespects Rihanna (taking side at the time when Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna) and defined the lyrics as “stupid”. Saying it’s not an excuse, Shady details how his drug addiction affected his rhymes later.

“Honest to God, I told Paul (Eminem’s manager) this when it first happened. I was like, ‘First, I didn’t know how somebody got it. Second of all, I have no … zero recollection of even remembering doing that verse,’ Like, the rhyme scheme doesn’t even sound, like, familiar to me. So I was caught off guard, too. I was like, ‘What the f–k?! I said that?'”

Check out the full interview below.




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