Eminem Face-To-Face With His Home Intruder

Eminem Face-To-Face With His Home Intruder news

Eminem is quarantined at his home in Michigan and like all of us spending his time at home as he recently said in an interview. “Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling”. A true Stan, pure intruder invaded Eminem at his home and instead of security, the man met Eminem face-to-face. Though as you can imagine the home of such a celebrity is supposed to be full of guards and alarm systems, the intruder somehow managed to face the rapper during the night.

As we mentioned before, a guy like Eminem is supposed to have guards and he did have some. The leak of information from the night caused the misunderstanding that the men who are supposed to watch the property were sleeping. Soon after that two different sources contacted the TMZ team, saying that this term was used in a metaphorical way and none of them were actually asleep that night.

The actual reason they said of the row of circumstances that lead to the meeting with the rapper was that the intruder actually was lucky to have the element of surprise on his side. The fact that the guards were situated at the front side of the property at this moment let him walk in undisturbed from the back of the house. The man, who was later identified as Matthew David Hughes, used the classical brick for breaking the window and enter.

Eminem Face-To-Face With His Home Intruder

Exactly this unusual sound for the night hours or the sound of the alarm woke up Eminem and he went to check what is going on. This is the moment when two of them met in the living room. The alarm was heard also from the guards and a few seconds after that they also were in and able to catch the robber.

The amateur way of breaking-in leads to the conclusion, that the intruder was more likely to meet Eminem at his home, instead of stealing anything. According to the police sources the guy is still held in custody for a bond at the amount of 50 000 dollars. He is charged with first-degree home invasion and malicious destruction of property.


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