Eminem Joins ‘Black Out Tuesday’, Shuts Down Shady Records For A Day

Eminem Joins ‘Black Out Tuesday’, Shuts Down Shady Records For A Day

Eminem joins the fight against social injustice with the “Black Out Tuesday’ initiative and shuts down Shady Records for a day on Tuesday (June 2).

With Shady Records’ recent tweet, Eminem revealed that his Shady Records will be down for a day. Also, the Rap god points several useful organizations who fight with social injustice and the Stans can receive information. Such as Black Lives Matter, Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP – Detroit Chapter and Change.org

Black Out Tuesday is the music industry’s way to show support to protestors all around the U.S. Following the tragic death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, started in Minneapolis, riots took over the states and people fight for social justice. The recent events, where four cops suffocated unarmed black man while detaining him, become the spark that lighted up the fire. One of the police officers Derek Chauvin is arrested already.

So, in short, everything related to the music industry will take an unexpected break for a day to fight social injustice.

Many rappers helping the George Floyd protestors in any possible ways. Some expressed their anger and position via social media. J. Cole even showed up at one of the protests a few days ago.




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